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Household chores notion template

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This template aims to prevent me from murdering my roommate, making it easier to distribute household chores and know exactly who is to blame when they are not done :)

Here you will find a simple way to organize household chores, allowing each house member to view, update and check their tasks on their phone or computer to stay accountable every day of the week.


- Keep track of all the home tasks in the Chores database. Open up the page to view and enter all the specific tasks that need to be done at your house.

- Add your housemates or partner in the Household members database so that everyone can check in when they do their chores, so all of you can stay accountable.

- In the Chore's list board view you can easily see which tasks are assigned to which household member on which day of the week.

- In the Checkbox table all the household members will be able to check once they have completed a task, which will be automatically removed from their to-do list.


Can I personalize this template?

- Yes! You can edit this template in any way you want in order to adjust it to your household.

Can I share this template with my roommates/partner or do they have to buy it too?

- You will be able to share the template with your household members, they do not need to make a new purchase.

I have some questions about the template, how can I contact you?

DM me at @brownie.desk on instagram with any questions you have about the template, I speak English and Spanish.

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Access to duplicate this template in your personal Notion space and share it with your housemates or partner. This way all members of the household can start organizing their tasks.

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Household chores notion template

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